Course Duration - 30Days

SAS CLINICAL Course Content

  • Clinical research Process
  • Data management Advanced
  • Study Protocol Briefing and Extraction
  • CRF design
  • Database spec and Edit check preparation
  • Administration
  • PL/SQL basics
  • Users, Roles, Assigning user roles, User specific screens management
  • PSUB, batch jobs administration
  • Glib Admin – Reference codelists
  • Study Plan
  • Design – Create and maintain – Studies, Investigators,Sites,Visits and patients
  • Definitions
  • DVGs
  • Questions, Question Groups
  • DCM
  • DCI
  • Validation programming
  • Data extract views administration
  • Test a study
  • Test Data entry
  • Conduct
  • Data validation (Discrepancy management)
  • Execute – Batch jobs, Procedures, DCF forms
  • Data Extract
  • Batch data, Out of study data load
  • Conduct security
  • Patient lock and freeze, study lock and freeze
  • Mass changes
  • Data entry (first pass, second pass), update, browse and key changes
  • Lab data load and administration
  • RDC Administration
  • RDC Workflow and discrepancy management
  • Integration OC AE term, MT term and conmed terms with TMS and medical coding and review
  • TMS dictionary and maintenance

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