Course Duration - 30Days


OBIEE (Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition) is a comprehensive Business suite of enterprise BI products that delivers a full range of analysis and reporting capabilities. It gives business users the capability to perform in depth analysis and data mining of detailed business data and gives real and significant information for making critical decisions.
Training Objectives of OBIEE:
OBIEE is the foundation for building enterprise BI (Business Intelligence) Applications. It includes a wide range of end user tools such as interactive dashboards, advanced reporting and publishing, ad hoc analysis across the Web, mobile analytics, proactive detection and alerts, Microsoft Office integration, Web Services and business process integration.
Target Students and Prerequisites:
Students must be familiar with concepts in Oracle.

Course contents:
  • Oracle BI Enterprise Edition Overview
  • Exploring Oracle BI Enterprise Edition User Interfaces
  • Oracle BI Enterprise Edition Architecture
  • Oracle BI Applications Overview Repository Basics
  • Building the Physical Layer of a Repository
  • Building the Business Model and Mapping
  • Layer of a Repository
  • Building the Presentation Layer of a Repository
  • Testing and Validating a Repository
  • Working with Oracle Business Intelligence Answers
  • Building Views and Charts in Requests
Different Views:
  • 1.Table View
  • 2.Compound View
  • 3.No result View
  • 4.Narrative View
  • 5.Pivot View
  • 6.Column selector View
  • 7.view selector
  • 8.Filtering Requests in Oracle Business Intelligence Answers
  • 9.Combined Filter
  • 10.Group Filter
  • 11.Filter Based on other Request
  • 12.Dynamic filter using variable
  • 13.Dynamic filter using Dashboard
  • 14.Creating Interactive Dashboards
  • 15.Configuring Interactive Dashboards
  • 16.Save Dashboard Selection
  • 17.Configuring Guided Navigation Links
  • 18.RPD Adding Multiple Logical Table Sources
  • 19.RPD Adding Calculations to a Fact
  • 20.RPD Creating Dimension Hierarchies and
  • 21.RPD Level-Based Measures
  • 22.RPD Using Aggregates
  • 23.RPD Using Repository Variables
  • 24.RPD Cache Management
  • 25.RPD Using Administration Tool Utilities
  • 26.Security Setup and Features
  • 27.Customizing and Administrating he Oracle Business Intelligence User Interface
  • 28.Multi-User Development
  • 29.Using Oracle Business Intelligence Delivers

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