Course Duration - 30Days


The DevOps training Course will get you ready for a career in DevOps, the rapidly growing field that bridges the gap between developers and operations. You get a chance to become expert in the principles of continuous development and deployment, automation of configuration management, inter-team collaboration and IT service agility, exploitation modern DevOps tools like bum, Docker, Jenkins, Puppet and Nagios. DevOps jobs area unit highly paid and in great demand, thus start on your path today.
course content
DevOps training course is meant to assist you become a DevOps professional and apply the latest in DevOps methodology to automate your code development lifecycle right out of the class. You will master configuration management; continuous integration preparation, delivery, and observation exploitation DevOps tools like Rotter, Docker, Jenkins, Puppet, and Nagios in a very practical, hands-on and interactive approach. The DevOps training course focuses heavily on the use of manual laborer containers, a technology that's revolutionizing the approach apps area unit deployed within the cloud today and could be a critical skill set to master within the cloud age.

Linux: (Operating System)
  • Introduction To Linux/Unix
  • Installation Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  • Terminal Overview
  • File system Hierarchy
  • Basic Commands
  • VIM Editor
  • Files(hard & soft)
  • File Permissions
  • User and Group Administration
  • Package/Soft Management
  • Job Automation

Git:(Source Code Management)
  • Introduction to git
  • Installing Git for Windows
  • Terminology
  • Basic Commands
  • Repos
  • Diff b/w Git and SVN
  • Git stages
  • Creating Branches
  • Git merge and rebase
  • Gitignore
  • logs
  • Branching
  • Merging
  • stash
  • upstaging(rm, reset, revert)
  • Tags
  • bisect
  • HEA
  • git fetch
  • git conflicts

Git-Hub:(Online Repo)
  • Introduction to git-hub
  • Diff between GitHub and bit bucket
  • How to create a repositories
  • Creating repo in CLI
  • Pushing repos to origin
  • Cloning
  • Adding, Del, Edit, Files
  • For
  • Deleting repos

Maven: (Build Tool)
  • Over view of Maven
  • Diff b/w Maven and Ant
  • How to install Maven
  • Architecture
  • Default lifecycle (goals)
  • Maven repositories
  • Directory standards
  • GAV
  • Sample Maven Projects
  • Jar,pom,war files
  • Plugins
  • Profiles
  • Dependencies

Apache Tomcat: (Application Server)
  • What is application server
  • What is Tomcat
  • How to install Tomcat in windows
  • How to install Tomcat in Linux
  • Port setting
  • How to deploy code in Tomcat
  • Deploying code by using Jenkins
  • Continuous deployment using tomcat

Jenkins: (CI/CD)
  • Introduction to Jenkins
  • CI/CD
  • History of Jenkins/Hudson
  • Installations
  • Master and salves configurations
  • Jobs
  • Dependencies
  • Continuous Integration
  • Continuous Deployment
  • Working with GitHub
  • Working with Build tools
  • Build from GitHub Project
  • Parameterised Builds
  • Plugins installations
  • Automating Builds
  • Maven project
  • Jenkins pipeline
  • Creating nods/slaves/agents
  • Build pipeline view
  • Delivery pipeline view
  • Nested views
  • Email Notifications
  • Creating users,roles
  • Blue ocean
  • Cat light developer notifies

Chef:(Configuration Management)
  • Chef overview
  • Installations
  • What is chef Work-station
  • Chef-Server
  • Nodes
  • Workstation Setup
  • Chef workflow
  • Chef client
  • Ohai
  • Cookbooks
  • Ruby in Chef
  • Recourses
  • Recipes
  • Package installation
  • Roles
  • Create organization
  • Assigning Roles to organization
  • Adding Run-list to Node
  • Knife
  • Environments
  • Adding nodes to Chef-Server

  • Introduction to Docker
  • Containers vs Virtual Machines
  • Docker Architecture
  • Docker Hub
  • Docker Installation
  • Image creation
  • Dealing with Multiple Images
  • Packaging a Customized Container
  • Running Container Commands with Docker
  • Managing and Removing Base Images
  • Pushing to Docker Hub
  • Create own images
  • Docker Networking
  • Docker file
  • Volume management
  • Docker Link
  • Docker Compose

Amazon Web Services:(Cloud)
  • Elastic Compute Cloud(EC2)
  • Identity Access Management (IAM)
  • Simple Storage Service (AWS S3)
  • Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
  • Relation Database Service (RDS
  • Simple Email Server (SES)
  • Cloud Front
  • Simple Notification Services

SonarQube: (Quality)
  • Introduction to SonarQube
  • Installation on SonarQube and Sonar Scanner
  • Sonar Scanner Configuration
  • Run Java Program
  • Working with SonarQube Dashboard

JFrog Arifactory: (Artifactory
  • Introduction to jfrog Artifactory
  • Aritifactory Installation
  • Deploying var filess
  • Dashboard narration

Shell / Bash scripting
Interview Questions
Resume Guidance
Materials, ppts, and Documents

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