Course Duration - 30Days

Business Analytics - Healthcare Course Content

BA Healthcare Domain Course Content:
    • Business Analysis Basics
    • Definition: Business Problem, Project Work and Operational;
    • Introduction to project Team;
    • Do’s & don’ts of BA?
    • Requirement Gathering versus Elicitation
    • Types of Requirements: with– EXAMPLES
    • Business Analysis Deliverable: BRD & Business Process flows
    • Requirements (using waterfall and Agile model)
    • Data Flow Diagrams
    • Current Process Flow, Future Process flows
    • Business Analysis Deliverable Part 2: Use cases
    • Use Cases
    • User Scenarios
    • User Stories
    • Healthcare Introduction
    • Overview
    • Medicare vs Medicaid
    • Payer vs Provider
    • Business Analysis Tools & Healthcare Tools
    • HPQC- ALM
    • Visual Use Case or similar tools
    • MS-VISIO
    • FACETS Overview
    • EMR & EHR System Overview
    • Lab Book & LIMS
    • Healthcare mandates and Acronyms
    • Healthcare in USA
    • Healthcare reform and other mandates
    • Jobs in the healthcare industry MCD, MCR, MMIS, HIX
    • Health Insurance Concepts: Premium, Deductible, Co-pay, Co-insurance, Exclusions, OOPMax, EHBs, Capitation versus FFS, In-network, OON, Prior-Auth, Pre-cert, EOB, EOP etc.
    • Common terms in healthcare interview.
    • Types of Insurance & Healthcare Insurance Exchange (HIX)
    • HIX and HUB Overview
    • State-run HIX vs Federal HIX
    • Functions of the exchange – eligibility, enrollment, benefit- plan management, risk, re-insurance & risk
    • EDI & Claims
    • What are EDI transactions, different types, ANSI, ASCX12, EDIX12
    • HIPAA EDI 837, 834, 835, 820, 270, 271, 277, 278
    • EDI implementation guides vs Companion guides
    • EDI transaction parts – loops, segments, delimiters
    • Claims lifecycle from billing to payment
    • Revenue Cycle Management
    • ICD Overview
    • CPT Coding
    • Modifiers
    • Unlisted Codes
    • HCPC National Level II Codes
    • CPT Coding with Manual
    • ICD History
    • Why ICD codes?
    • ICD Codes – What does it tell us?
    • Use of ICD codes
    • Anatomy and Terminology for Coders
    • Advanced Anatomy and Terminology for Coders
    • Coding for the Non-Coder Preparation Analyzer
    • Anatomy and Terminology Essentials from an ICD-10-CM Perspective
    • Anatomy and Terminology Essentials from an ICD-10-PCS Perspective
    • General Equivalence Mappings (GEMs)
    • ICD 10 Implementation phases
    • ICD-10 Release Timeliness
    • ICD-10 Impact to Payer
    • Provider Sector
    • EMR/EHR
    • EMR Implementation Projects
    • LIMS/Lab book projects
    • Revenue Cycle Management Projects
    • JAD Session
    • JAD Session –hand on experience
    • Resume Preparation
    • Resume Review
    • Resume Preparation Tips
    • Sample Resumes
    • Interview Preparation:
    • Mock Interviews
    • Interview Preparation Tips
    • Sample Interview Questions
    • How to clear an Interview

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